June 27, 2017

Yahoo Hooks Babel Fish

The online translation service originally found at Altavista now joins AltaVista’s chief scientist Andrei Broder at Yahoo.

Cry havoc and let slip the puns of yore. If you aren’t in the halibut of using Babel Fish for online translation, you could be floundering around for answers.

Ok enough of that.

Raymond Flournoy, Linguistic Product Manager at Yahoo, posted about Babel Fish’s swim over to the cozy confines of Yahoo’s placid, profitable waters. Yahoo has relaunched the service and even christened a new cocktail to consume while toasting Babel Fish.

Yahoo has added several features to Babel Fish, which could translate 38 language pairs. They bumped that up by a pair, Simplified Chinese into Traditional Chinese, and Traditional Chinese into Simplified Chinese.

The company’s Search Translator Beta, available in Germany and in France, allows “users to translate queries and search for web pages, images, and videos in multiple languages simultaneously.”

Yahoo also integrated Babel Fish with other services like Yahoo Search, and into the Yahoo Toolbar by adding a new button. Other places in the Yahoo network will provide links to Babel Fish where relevant.

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