June 27, 2017

Underdog Ask.com Grows 20% in January

According to comScore data released today, Ask.com had the biggest jump in search queries. By that measurement, Ask had more growth than Google, MSN, or Yahoo last month (January 2008) compared to the prior months volume. Ask has a small piece of search market share but they have been a leader in universal search.

Underdog Ask.com Grows 20% in January
Underdog Ask.com Grows 20% in January

That is, they integrate search results for more than web sites – but for images, video, local information, news, blogs, and other media. Ask got further into social media integration with their recently launched social news aggregation site BigNews.

Of course, Ask occupies a tiny sliver of the overall search volume. Heres the breakdown on the top 4 search engines:

  • Google Sites – 7.7 billion searches (comScore says Google got 58.4% of searches in January)
  • Yahoo! – almost 2.5 billion searches
  • Microsoft – 1.1 billion searches
  • AOL – 903 million searches
  • Ask.com – under 500 million searches and about 4% of the market

Ask.com Facts from Ross Dunn at StepForth:

  • They dont have a nofollow on any of their links
  • Local businesses can submit their business manually to Asks local portal AskCity. If youre not included and want to be, you have to send an email request.
  • Ask owns blog reader Bloglines and they rank blogs partly based on their popularity on Bloglines.



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