August 18, 2017

The Lonely Hearts Use Google As Well

Apparently, the varying methods in which people use search engines are going to continue its evolution until the Sun collapses. Since inception into the mainstream, the way people use search engines has grown from a mere information and fact-finding tool to something many couldn’t imagine being without.

Well, with thanks to Philipp at GoogleBlogoscoped for the heads-up, there’s another reason people are using Google for: finding other souls who happen to share a common bond: being lonely.

The Lonely Hearts Use Google As Well

They do so by typing in “I am lonely” into Google and then meeting up on the forum and sharing their feelings of loneliness. The particular thread has a large number of posters, with thread extending to 70 pages. A number of posters acknowledge they used Google to find the particular thread.

The MovieCodec thread is just another example of how search engines can “shrink the world” and help find people that share a common ground. Search engines can be used to help unite, or at least help find, those who share the same interests and problems, more than proving their communal value.

Chris Richardson
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