May 26, 2017

Secret Search Engine Insider Statistics…

Which Search engines provide the most relevancy for website ad producers & SEO specialists? I believe the answer is in letting the market (the end user) decide which search engine brings the most meat to the table. This can easily be determined by viewing the little known unique visitor statistics of the top search engines. Could knowing which search engines are receiving the most traffic aid you in SEO, and thus increase traffic to your own website? The very thought is extremely tantalizing.

A recently released, September 24, 2004, study has come to light which monitored and estimated the usage patterns of Web users at home, at work and at college. The Atlanta-based, RelevantKnowledge claims this search engine insider study is far more accurate than previous studies. Why? Because it has taken pains to monitor search engine usage in the above three distinct demographic areas.

The 20 most accessed sites in order are: Rank Site Unique Visitors Data Base Accessed

1. Yahoo! 14,822,302**

2. Microsoft 12,012,202

3. Netscape 10,824,802

4. America Online 8,251,103 Excite

5. Infoseek 7,946,467**

6. Excite 7,597,988**

7. Geocities 7,127,869 Lycos (web only)

8. MSN 6,170,267

9. Lycos 4,883,459**

10. AltaVista 4,657,826**

11. CNET 3,976,232

12. ZDNet 3,521,996

13. Webcrawler 3,233,339**

14. RealAudio 2,260,248

15. Four11 2,202,307

16. Pathfinder 2,129,904

17. Hotmail 1,936,296

18. ESPN 1,931,467

19. Tripod 1,754,563

20. Compuserve 1,720,862

** The double asterisks were used to identify the search engines in the top 20 list.

What do all of these unique visit numbers mean to those of you seeking search engine insider information? It means that some of the seemingly popular search engines rank much differently when you view them under the microscope of unique visits from the top 3 demographic searching groups. The reason search engines do not prefer the public to know the exact number of eyes viewing them is simple – the possible fluctuation in ad revenue due to advertisers seeking maximum exposure elswhere.

Now aware of this new SE information, will you alter your SEO or ad marketing efforts or will you stick with your current optimization campaign? Your thoughts and opinions are truly welcome.

Maximilian Cannon
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