June 29, 2017

Reader's Choice Search Marketing Resources

Its been a while since weve done a Reader Poll Roundup, so today Im listing a summary first and then the days poll in a separate post.

Readers Choice Search Marketing Resources
Readers Choice Search Marketing Resources

With the polls weve been running just about every Wednesday on Online Marketing Blog, the voting turnouts and selections have been interesting but the commentary has been even better.

Whether its deciding what the best sources of information on search marketing are to the most important skills for practicing search engine optimization, these polls offer a glimpse of whats on the minds of our appreciated readers and possibly the search marketing industry at large.

The format is pretty straightforward and along with the sum and distribution of votes, Ive also added the number of comments for each as I think they are a very important indication of how relevant the topic is.

What do you do when you cant think of something or youre not motivated to blog?
(90 votes – 19 comments)

What blogger hasnt run into this situation? I think once its happened quite a few times, you just deal with it or quit. Theres some good advice in the comments on this one.

  • Just dont blog (51%)
  • Repost news of the day with your commentary (21%)
  • Avoid the situation by scheduling content in advance (pre-write posts) (13%)
  • Run a poll about how to deal with bloggers block (10%)
  • Ask a co-worker to write a post (2%)
  • Repost links to popular posts (2%)

What kind of social media do you personally use most often? – (74 votes – 11 comments)

This one was interesting to me because of all the buzz around social media and reading a lot of opinion but not much indication of actual social media use. Social news and bookmarking were the tops for me too.

  • Social Bookmarking / Tagging (del.icio.us) (34%)
  • Social News Sites (digg, newsvine) (24%)
  • Social Networking (LinkedIn, MySpace) (12%)
  • Wiki (Wikipedia) (11%)
  • Video Sharing (YouTube) (8%)
  • Podcast (iTunes) (7%)
  • Image Sharing (Flickr) (4%)

What conference has been the best for gaining how to SEO/SEM knowledge? – (88 votes – 5 comments)

Ill be curious to run this one again after a few of the regional events have taken place as well as Danny Sullivans Search Marketing Expo. While SES won out over Pubcon in this poll, Im not so sure that will be the case this December when both events are scheduled at pretty much the same time.

  • Search Engine Strategies (50%)
  • WebmasterWorld Pubcon (31%)
  • High Rankings SEM Seminar (8%)
  • ad:tech (3%)
  • eTail (3%)
  • Mediapost Search Insider (1%)
  • DMA Annual Conference (1%)
  • DM Days (1%)
  • ACCM (1%)
  • Emarketing Association (0%)
  • Affiliate Summit (0%)
  • eComXpo (0%)

What is your favorite SEO/PPC Forum? – (155 votes – 64 comments)

A big oops on my part with this one for not including Cre8asite Forums, which were the first forums I started reading as a SEO noob. We love ya Kim! There was also a bit of a rally between the various forums, which explains the high voter turnout.

  • WebProWorld (26%)
  • High Rankings (20%)
  • WebmasterWorld (19%)
  • Digital Point (13%)
  • Search Engine Watch (6%)
  • SEO Chat (6%)
  • Search Engine Roundtable (5%)
  • Syndk8 (4%)
  • V7 Network (1%)

Which is the most useful online marketing discussion list? – (64 votes – 12 comments)

LED Digest simply dominated this poll and for good reason. Adam Audette does a fantastic job and theres always something interesting and useful.

  • LED Digest (83%)
  • Googles Discussion Group For Webmasters (6%)
  • Search Return (5%)
  • Some blackhat thread we dont know about (5%)
  • SEM 2.0 (2%)
  • Online Advertising Digest (0%)

Name your top non-standard search engine online marketing channel – (78 votes – 14 comments)

All the hoopapla about search is getting old when many search marketers are increasingly in the position of integrating their efforts with other online marketing channels. Email and RSS are the big dogs and neither is going away anytime soon, unlike some social news sites which are at their half-life right now. A good voter turnout on this one and some commentary to match.

  • Email (21%)
  • RSS (18%)
  • Social News (Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit) (10%)
  • Social Networks (9%)
  • Offline Advertising or Promotion (8%)
  • Web Site Links (free) (8%)
  • Press Releases (5%)
  • Online Advertising (not PPC) (5%)
  • Syndicated Articles (4%)
  • Directories (4%)
  • Forums (4%)
  • Web Site Links (paid) (3%)
  • Social Media (Video, Images, Audio) (3%)

What is the most popular non-SEO service you provide to SEO clients? – (45 votes – 9 comments)

Another dip into the non-search marketing well of opinion to see what our search marketing consulting readers are offering clients besides SEO. Usability was overwhelmingly the popular one in this poll and I have to agree. Building a ton of traffic to a site that cant convert visitors is a waste of everyones time.

  • Usability (33%)
  • Management Consulting/OD (13%)
  • Hosting (13%)
  • Email Marketing (11%)
  • Advertising (9%)
  • Sales Process Development (7%)
  • Offline Public Relations (4%)
  • IT Consulting/Network (2%)
  • Direct Mail (2%)
  • Interactive & New Media (2%)
  • Word of Mouth / Buzz (2%)
  • Application Development (0%)
  • Media Planning & Buying (0%)

What type of SEO skill is most important? – (101 votes – 29 comments)

Getting back to our roots as well as an indication of how SEO is changing, our readers chose copywriting as the most important skill. I dont necessarily disagree, but I thought link building would be a very close second if not in the top spot. We love the links!

  • Copywriting (28%)
  • Keyword analysis (14%)
  • Marketing strategy (11%)
  • Web analytics (11%)
  • Traditional link building (8%)
  • Online research and search (7%)
  • Account management (4%)
  • Social media for SEO (4%)
  • Online PR for SEO (4%)
  • Creative and design (3%)
  • Coding (3%)
  • Blog marketing (1%)
  • Sales process consulting (1%)
  • Media and link buying (1%)
  • Blackhat skillz (1%)
  • Server side issues (0%)

Which Print Magazine Covers Search Marketing the Best? – (35 votes – 5 comments)

Whats old is new with both discussion threads and print magazines. When SMS was getting ready to launch, I know there was a bit of skepticism about a print publication covering search because information can get outdated so quickly. Boris, Eugene and Andrey have done a fantastic job and the reader poll shows the recognition.

  • Search Marketing Standard (60%)
  • Internet Retailer (9%)
  • Website Magazine (9%)
  • Practical eCommerce Magazine (6%)
  • Direct – Search Web Marketing (6%)
  • BtoB – Search Marketing (6%)
  • DM News – Search Marketing (6%)
  • AdWeek – IQ Interactive (0%)
  • Target Marketing (0%)
  • Multi Channel Merchant – Web Channel (0%)

Ive noticed a big drop in votes since we started showing an excerpt of posts rather than the full post on the home page. That might also be due to the topic, its too soon to really tell. Ill be posting the next Reader Poll later today.



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