May 26, 2017

Picture the Search Results

KaZaZZ has integrated related pictures into its web search results. Consumers searching on KaZaZZ will receive traditional text-based search results as well as a list of related pictures on the right hand side of the search results page.

Why are pictures displayed along with search results so important? Displaying pictures along with search results significantly enhances the search experience by adding a strong visual effect to traditional text-based search results. Displaying pictures along with text-based search results also simplifies the search process and verifies the search content for the online user. In addition, the integration of pictures within test-based search results instantaneously transforms search from an online tool to more of an entertainment vehicle. For example, a traditional searching for “Tiger Woods Wedding” would generate a text list of sites relevant to “Tiger Woods Wedding.” However, a KaZaZZ! search would provide relevant text-based search results as well as available pictures related to the event, which greatly enhances the search session.

“The Internet is really a visual medium and many people are visually oriented,” said Karl Hall, chief executive officer – KaZaZZ! “Integrating related pictures into web search results adds significant power to Internet search.

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