August 18, 2017

Confirmed Google Algorithm Update Impacting Content Sites

March 28, 2017 Staff

An update to the Google algorithm reported to have begun on March 7th has been confirmed by a Google’s Gary Illyes. The Google Fred algorithm update has been confirmed by @methode ? — Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) March 24, 2017 Google has had little to say about the recent […]

Google Site Search is Out, G Suite Tools are In

February 22, 2017 Rich Ord

Google Site Search is being discontinued according to multiple reports. Google emailed its Site Search customers saying that starting April 1, 2017, new purchased and renewals of GSS will not be available. The product will completely shut down on April 1, 2018. They noted that this move will not have […]

Fun Facts Now a Part of Google Search

February 20, 2017 Rich Ord

By simply adding the words “fun facts” to a search involving a living creature Google will try to provide an interesting tidbit. For example, if you search for “Cat fun facts” a new Google box will appear at the top of the results providing a new fun fact for each […]

Matt Cutts Leaves Google for Good

January 26, 2017 Rich Ord

Matt Cutts, who was once believed to be the mysterious GoogleGuy on Webmaster World forums and later became the main conduit of information to webmasters about Google search updates, has resigned from Google. For the last few years Cutts has been on leave from Google and has more recently worked […]

SEO Tip of the Day: What’s a Google Crawl Budget?

January 17, 2017 Rich Ord

If you’ve never heard of a “crawl budget” you’re not alone. It’s actually something that most publishers don’t have to worry about, as long as your pages tend to be crawled by Googlebot the same day that they’re published. Also, if you have a small site with fewer than a […]

Google Expands Popular Property Sets Feature in Search Console

December 13, 2016 Rich Ord

In a response to many requests by search managers and webmasters, Google has expanded the functionality of the wildly popular property sets feature to more sections of the Search Console. Google launched property sets back in May allowing you to combine multiple properties (both apps and sites) into a single […]

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