May 23, 2017

Non-conventional Enterprise Search

Search Cacher released its innovative ESA-series appliances, an integrated hardware/software enterprise search solution for Intranet and Internet deployment.

Based on the Search Cacher EIP software architecture, the ESA-series appliances helps customers search, aggregate, and manage vast amounts of information thus reducing time to market, and increasing the ability to identify and act upon opportunities.

Search Cacher ESA-series enterprise search appliances allows customers in the high-tech, finance, legal, manufacturing and healthcare industry, integrate millions of documents, records, files, and other information to develop vertical business intelligence. Users and teams can easily find and manage information across the distributed enterprise thus reducing time spent looking for information, and ultimately resulting in significant capital cost savings. The following are the new ESA-series appliances:

? ESA-200: An entry level 1U rackmount appliance, handling 4 Million document and records, aimed at mid-sized enterprises and departmental workgroups capable of 500 concurrent user sessions.

? ESA-500: A 2U enterprise search appliance designed to support 2000 users, capable of aggregating up to 10 Million documents and records.

? ESA-800: A datacenter class 4U appliance capable of providing 5000 users concurrent access to 50 Million documents and records.

The modular architecture of Search Cacher ESA-series appliances offers customers a powerful integrated platform for addressing business-critical structured and unstructured information management requirements. As the industry’s first policy driven enterprise search appliance, the Search Cacher ESA-series reduces IT administration headaches by offering a web-based management application allowing easy definition and enforcement of enterprise-wide search, system, network, and security policies.

The powerful Search Cacher EIP architecture delivers real-time value to customers by enabling them to rapidly deliver aggregated content to streamline information worker productivity and realize business process optimization. Search Cacher EIP is a multi-functional software application utilizing open standards architecture designed specifically for business intelligence data mining capable of indexing, searching, and taxonomically classifying information from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Organizations deploying a Search Cacher ESA-series enterprise search appliance immediately realize:

? Real-time access to current and relevant information sources across the enterprise

? Privileged access controls to protect information intellectual property assets

? A unified policy-based system management application

? A powerful integrated platform handling corporate and datacenter requirements with ease, reliability and security.

Search Cacher has redefined the paradigm of enterprise search, by moving away from conventional search methodologies, and embracing a network appliance model to provide information aggregation and management capabilities from the edge to the core of any organization’s infrastructure.

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