May 26, 2017

New Search Platform Gets Results from 14 Search Engines, a search platform that pulls together the most relevant results from the 14 leading search engines, has launched its official site. features a one- stop site of information sources, including web search, news, comparative shopping, product reviews, pictures and more.

“There are significant differences between the top results displayed by popular search engines,” said Stephen Scarr, CEO of “Despite general satisfaction among search engine users, most would be surprised to know that they are not getting the most relevant web results from a single search engine. allows users to search the web, look for their preferred news, compare products and shop while knowing that they are getting the right information the first time.”

Better, Faster Information

A site-to-site comparison on confirms that even the leading search engines do not consistently display the same information, leading to a search result overlap of the top 100 results of approximately 30 percent. By combining search results from all major search sources, offers compelling advantages to Internet users, which creates a unique and enhanced online search experience.

— More Relevant, Useful Results – Because search engines assess different relevancy to information, a user can never receive the same set of results from different search sources. overcomes this limitation by aggregating the top results from the 14 most popular search engines and pay-per-click directories, a method commonly known as meta-search.

— Accessing More of the Web – The size and nature of each search engine’s database is hindered by the fact that its web crawlers only index a percentage of the total web pages available, and because they update from the Web at different times throughout the month. By pulling and displaying information from the main search engines,’s results are always drawn from several indexes, therefore providing users a larger and more current database than any one search engine index. offers consumer-friendly search tools that help connect Web users with the information they want. These features include:

— – Many Internet users who go through their browser’s address bar to access information end up guessing the URL of the site they are looking for. extends this intuitive search method by transforming the address bar on any web browser into a direct search toolbar. Users simply enter ‘’ into the address box to quickly access results for whatever they are searching, and eliminate the task of going to irrelevant sites or downloading third-party toolbars. For example, typing or into the address bar will automatically lead one to the meta result page on for Jeeps.

— Relevant Search Topics and Categories – After entering search queries, users are also shown a listing of highly-used phrases and categories that are similar to their initial search query. This is especially helpful for researchers and Internet novices who are looking for information on a specific subject or industry.

One-Stop Information Source acts as a gateway for users so they do not need to go to multiple sites for news, shopping, searches and other Web activities. An added benefit are the prominently displayed tabs on, which allows searchers to quickly access various fields of information on a single search subject without having to re-enter their search.’s additional information sources also go beyond traditional meta-search offerings. In addition to Yellow and White pages, weather, pictures and maps, other features include:

— Comparative Shopping – In response to an increase in consumer behavior to research before buying online or offline, has partnered with, a leading online comparison shopping service, which assists users to make informed purchase decisions by enabling them to find the items they are looking for, compare and review products, prices and stores and buy from among thousands of online merchants.

— Local to International News –’s news service harnesses the Internet’s largest news site by integrating feeds from, which enables users to continuously monitor breaking news from more than 7,000 sources and over 150,000 categories of news.’s users are also able to access local news by typing in their zip code or city/town.

— Largest Source of Paid-Listings – By aggregating the advertisers of all major search engines, offers more sponsored listings (approximately 250,000) — than any single source for Internet searches.

— Auctions by eBay – is planning to enhance its online shopping experience by connecting users with live search results from eBay’s global auction platform.

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