May 23, 2017

MixUp at Google? URLs and Page Titles Being Mixed Up

It seems like Google is facing difficulties in mapping URLs and the pages associated to those URLs. According to Webmaster World , titles and URLs from the same domain are being mixed up in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It has also been observed that in many searches…

MixUp at Google? URLs and Page Titles Being Mixed Up
MixUp at Google? URLs and Page Titles Being Mixed Up

…the requested pages are not being shown, but some other page is being displayed with the title of the requested direct search. Which means that the title shown and the page displayed are two totally different entities and neither matches the page that the user has searched for.

For example:

if you request this:

you get results from /subportal2/ and the titles are mashed up with results from /subportal3/

I am seeing odd stuff going on at the moment. A search like: “some text to find”

is also returning several pages that are NOT from in the results.

The change has happened in the last 24 to 36 hours, or less.

This sort of an anomaly is making it much more difficult for non-specific searches. I mean, when Google isn’t able to produce target specific results, how can we hope to find something that would be hard to find in the first place.



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