May 23, 2017

Microsoft and Travel meta-search

SeekNet Technologies released its travel meta-search application, SmartRover. SmartRover 1.3 is a smart client application, built with Microsoft technology.

Smart clients are easily deployed and managed client applications that provide an adaptive and rich interactive experience by leveraging local resources and intelligently connecting to distributed data sources.

According to Swapnil Shrivastav, co-founder of SeekNet Technologies, “With SmartRover, consumers can find airfares that best meet their travel needs. This means that fare-sensitive travelers can, with one click, find the best fare between two cities during a range of travel days and nearby airports. They can also search every few hours until a perfect fare is found.”

“SmartRover leverages the capabilities of smart client applications to provide the rich, powerful user interface of standard Microsoft Windows applications, a great improvement over browser-based applications,” said Harris Freeman, SeekNet’s VP of Alliances. “The new SmartRover 1.3 client-side module greatly reduces the size of the SmartRover download, greatly increasing the potential user base.”

“We have always thought that the desktop is the right place for pre- purchase analysis and comparison of competing Web offers,” said Irena Andonova, smart client technical evangelist at Microsoft. “We are delighted that SeekNet was able to make this a reality by creating a smart client application using Microsoft technology to create SmartRover 1.3, and we feel they are on the right track.”

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