May 23, 2017

January 2009 Search Engine Market Share

All engines show minor losses in market share except for MSN which actually showed a slight gain for January. ON the other hand, every engine but Google posted lower market share numbers from this time last year except Google which had a little over a two point growth.

Net Applications Search Engine Market Share January 2009

January 2009: 54.31%
December: 55.85%
Change: -1.54

January 2008: 52.14%
Change: +2.17

January 2009: 8.76%
December: 9.02%
Change: -0.26

January 2008: 10.94%
Change: -2.18

January 2009: 4.47%
December: 4.43%
Change: +0.04

January 2008: 5.78%
Change: -1.31

January 2009: 1.69%
December: 1.74%
Change: -0.05

January 2008: 1.86%
Change: -0.17

January 2009: .74%
December: .77%
Change: -0.03

January 2008: 1.09%
Change: -0.36

Data scoring techniques tend to change over time making past data inaccurate. As always, information here is for entertainment purposes only.

Source: Net Applications


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