May 23, 2017

Google Prompts MBD Speculation

What is MBD? Why is it in Google’s robots.txt file? Who reads Google’s robots.txt file enough to notice this? Where can you find the answer?

Philipp Lenssen’s Google Blogoscoped blog posted the mysterious ‘Disallow: /mbd?’ entry in Google’s robots.txt file. Lenssen credited a tipster named Eric Baillargeon for the find.

“What could MBD stand for? Mobile Business Division, as Eric ponders?” Lenssen wrote.

ZDNet’s Google blogger Garett Rogers suggested Medical and Biological Database, which builds on his hypothesis that Google’s next vertical market will be healthcare.

He also mentioned Marketing & Business Development as another possibility, and that could fit into a local search push along with other recent Google actions.

Or, in the immortal words of Monty Python, it could be something completely different. We suggest nine other MBD options, all helpfully linked for the reader’s convenience:

Mostly Beta Developments
Marissa’s Billionaire Date
Money Bag Delivery
Matt’s Best Deletion
Memeorandum Beat Down
Money Bags Deux
Microsoft’s Beijing Defeat
Many Bring Dogs
Mister Bosworth’s Domain

Ok, Maybe we Better not Do any more lists.


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