May 23, 2017

Google Notebook And IE7? Not BFFs

I found a little annoyance when trying to change the zoom on an image in Internet Explorer 7 today. Why don’t you look at these screenshots, and tell me if you notice the problem?

C’mon, you gotta see it! Look closer!

Yes, the browser add-on for Google Notebook is placed right on top of a piece of the IE7 status bar, making it impossible to reach that little arrow that controls most of the zoom sizes. Whoops.

Before you go blaming Google, it isn’t their fault. Google doesn’t let IE7 users download the add-on for Google Notebook, just IE6 users. Either they knew there were problems, or they just forgot to program their pages to recognize IE7 properly, since when you go to the download page, it says:

Google Notebook is only available for Firefox and Internet Explorer at this time. You can download Firefox here. You can also continue on to your notebook.

I’m guessing they screwed up, since they’d know better than to comically tell IE7 users that they don’t have IE. Still, it works out in their favor, since the add-on doesn’t mesh with pieces of the IE7 user interface. I had to go through Firefox to find the link to install the add-on, although that clearly was a mistake.

If you have this problem, you can get the arrow by clicking at the far-right edge of the Notebook button, or by disabling the button altogether, by clicking throughTools>Manage Add-Ons>Enable or Disable Add-Ons and selecting disable for the Google Notebook Browser Helper Object. Disabling the Browser Helper Object will also prevent the Google Notebook toolbar button from working, so you can get rid of that, too.

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