May 26, 2017

Google Launches Alarms

We all know Google is the biggest and may be the most powerful search engine company in the world today. The influence that Google has in terms of the way we surf the web is enormous.

Add to that the fact that web developers and companies themselves design and setup their websites with Google’s standards in mind.

The search engine giant is in possession of a whole lot of information, that is a given. The number of apps and web add-ons that the search engine has is bewildering.

Many people and developers though have been wary that Google’s ability to acquire information may be breaching the lines and is already invading our privacy. Several web plug-ins have surfaced to enable users to know whether they are giving out too much info not only to Google but to other search engines as well.

This week, another app called “Google Alarm” has hit the Web. This plug-in notifies the user every time information about him/her is sent to the servers of Google. Google Alarm works on both the Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

The Developer

Jamie Wilkinson, the developer of Know Your Meme”a site that documents various Web phenomena”and, developed this new add-on. Wilkinson says that Google Alarm is aimed at making users aware of the amount of information that they are sending to the search engine giant.

Google makes great products and gives them all away for free, which has made them into -an- ubiquitous and omniscient force on the Internet” states Wilkinson. He adds that he was surprised when he found out that more than 80% of the websites he visited while developing Google Alarm have Google tracking bugs on them. The plug-in he developed, he says, is designed to notify users and make them more aware of personal information that is being sent out to the Internet giant.

Security for Users

There are plenty of web add-ons around the Internet that will enable users to block any malicious and unwanted content from the web browsers. The credibility of Google Alarm is yet to be seen but the potential it has is a positive development for the security of all Internet users.


Joe Griffin
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