May 23, 2017

Google Earth Has The Straight Dope

The first rule of transporting illegal goods is: You do not do anything to get yourself pulled over by the police. Dean Brown, of Racine, Wisc., didn’t follow this rule, nor the rule about carrying traceable devices, which is why Google Earth played a significant role in his drug bust.

This plot has more wrong turns than a Kennedy night on the town.

Brown was driving with 18 pounds of freshly harvested marijuanain garbage bagswith the stems poking out.

The police officer that pulled him over didn’t need his canine unit to sniff out the contraband, reportedly worth between $63,000 and $140,000 (for you home gamers, that’s $220-$485 per ounce).

That would have been enough to charge Brown with felony possession, but he also had a GPS device with coordinates of his crops ” hanging around his neck. Investigators plugged in the coordinates into Google Earth, zoomed in on two areas where Brown had camouflaged his plants.

But here’s my favorite part of the Journal Times article:

Authorities confiscated the plants, bagged them in burlap and locked them away to dry.

It didn’t take long, they only found six plants. Really, just six. Seriously.

Because Brown has previous drug offenses, he faces up to 59 years in jail. Bet Mark Hulett sure is glad he didn’t get into pot growing.


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