May 23, 2017

Google Base Seen in General Search Results

Results drawn from Google Base have started to appear in search results drawn for certain keywords.

As first reported by the GoodRoi Internet Marketing blog, some searches under keyword phrase, ” homes for sale ” have produced results similar to those shown in this screenshot shown below.

The image shows two extra search boxes asking the user to refine their search parameters. This feature, which is not currently available in Canada , took NY based Search Engine Watch editor, Barry Schwartz to this landing page . According to his report in SEW, the location box automatically noted and filled in his hometown.

Google is going a long way towards the personalization of search results and adding Google base items to the results pages displayed for different people based on geography is one of the ways.

Another is a second project being considered in Canada between the Toronto Transit Commission and Google. According to a report that appeared in the Toronto Star on Monday, ” Google has asked the TTC for station, stop, schedule and route data to create a trip planner so commuters could input origin and destination points to get the shortest or fastest routes.”

Google is currently running a similar pilot project with the Portland Oregon Transit system.

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