May 23, 2017

Google Base Boxes With Search

Google Base gets the latest push with Google adding a search box to certain results where users can easily search within the SERPs they just retrieved.

The GoodROI website posted its discovery of a search box being returned within Google’s search result pages for certain queries, like homes for sale:

Since they are already showing three paid listings on top of the organic search results it is interesting they would take away even more page real estate to add a search box for real estate listings in Google Base. If they keep this up it will not matter if you rank #1 since no organic search results will be above the fold.

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal noted some commentary from other search bloggers about the latest search within search from Google:

Barry Schwartz : “Just another reminder there are many ways to reach the number one spot in Google, outside of the main organic results.”

Scubajarhead on Webmaster World: “This is going to turn into a nightmare especially for the real estate searches. Thousands of real estate agents are just going to bulk upload data from the MLS and just cause a load of duplicate content.
“My clients spend thousands of hours creating unique content for their websites to get a first page listing for terms such as [large city] Real Estate. Its is very disheartening to see now Google directing traffic to their own product right on top of the natural listings. I think Google is heading down the wrong road with this addition to the SERPS. “

Philipp Lenssen sees this as another step toward Google Base directly competing with eBay:

Instead of the searcher seeing eBay AdWords for particular products, Google cuts the middle-man here. And this is the point when it becomes even more interesting for people to push their products into Google Base… because all of a sudden your products might be seen by non-developers. Sure, Google Base isn’t eBay yet, but it’s getting a few steps closer…

It is getting closer to eBay Motors, certainly. A search for Honda Odyssey, the popular minivan, brings up a similar set of search boxes allowing the user to look for an automobile by location, make, and model.


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