May 23, 2017

Goodbye Jeeves, Hello Watson

I’d never heard of Watson, but the search tool is using Ask’s retirement of Jeeves in a clever viral marketing effort.

At the A Job For Jeeves site, they suggest that Jeeves is now looking for a job, after beeing forced into retirement. They ask whether they should hire the butler…

He’s got the right M.O. – after all, butlers, just like online search tools, should be proactive, not reactive. You don’t need to ask a good butler a question to get or find something; he should already know what you need and always have the info at-hand, just like Watson proactively brings computer users relevant information.

It’s a cute way to bring attention to Watson, so I’ll bite and go ahead and give them a plug. What does Watson do?

Watson understands the context of what you are doing, finds relevant information and automatically brings it to you in a flexible sidebar. You don’t have to leave what you are doing to go search somewhere else. Because we think your technology should serve you, and not the other way around.

Now we’ll see what Ask’s reaction will be. Normally, I would say the company would laugh and enjoy the joke, but who knows what Diller will think.

Via USA Today blog.

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