August 18, 2017

Get Paid to Search with Zotspot

I’m not sure how I feel about zotspot’s new search engine plan to share paid search advertising revenue with those that use the search engine.

Link: share revenue with those that use the search engine

“To give you a sense of the earning potential, we estimate that each referral who uses Zotspot as their primary search engine will generate between 10 cents and 50 cents for you per year. (We can’t guarantee those estimates, but we hope to continue to increase member earnings and even pass those numbers in the future!)” the Web site says. “If you refer 10 people, they each refer 10 people and so on, you could earn over $250 per year.”

It will be interesting to figure out where they are getting their natural and sponsored listings from, and what that company feels about the model.

While zotspot does not reward users for clicking on paid search ads, that must be the way they are able to earn enough income to be able to share some with users. So, if that is the case, how will the search engines view this model. Will they see it as innovotive, or will they believe zotspot is making money of their index. And, what about the advertiser? If your ad is the one showing up in zotspot, you could hardly be encouraged about the motives of the searcher.

According to the founder, Mark Davis, “If you are a college student, you can buy some beer with it,” or someone can “pay off parking tickets or take their girlfriend out on a date.” Cool, so you’re looking to attract some quality searchers then?

To be fair, searchers will have the option to donate their share to charity.

What are your thoughts?



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