May 23, 2017

Don’t Do Evil Embraces Sun Devils

Google has established an office on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, the latest in its development of operations in Arizona.

The newest Google office sets up operations in Tempe, home of the ASU Sun Devils, to support Google’s growing operations in what has been a magnetic location for high-tech industries seeking some relief from California’s brutal tax burdens.

News of Google’s intentions toward Arizona were first hinted at in October 2005. At the time, Tempe looked like the front runner over the cities of Chandler and Mesa. Now, Google has confirmed through a statement it will establish an office in Tempe:

The new Google office will be primarily focused on engineering, operations and IT support functions and is part of its worldwide effort to build engineering centers in locations where there are great engineers.

“Our new location on the ASU campus will offer our employees the quality work environment we strive for, including access to ASU students, faculty and amenities,” said Dr. Douglas Merrill, Google’s senior director of information systems. “We are looking forward to a long relationship with ASU and hope to make a positive contribution to their educational mission.”

Google’s Tempe office will offer all the world-class workplace amenities that Google has become known for such as outstanding healthcare benefits, free lunches and competitive compensation packages. The company continues to look for a range of new employees to support a variety of business and technology operations.

Google’s involvement with the university could include Googlers taking spots as adjunct faculty and providing internship opportunities. Merrill has already joined the Ira Fulton School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering Advisory Board at ASU.

At press time, Google showed 20 job openings in Phoenix, primarily in engineering and information technology. Phoenix is only a few miles from Tempe, where job openings similar to those in Phoenix seem likely to be posted soon.

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