May 23, 2017

Company Releases Federated Desktop Search Engine

Scientific Software released a new federated search engine for the desktop PC that is integrated into Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Scientific Software FUSION Search is a federated search engine for your personal PC that provides lightening-fast, database-driven searches across multiple content sources via a single query. FUSION Search helps users quickly get control of the overwhelming amounts of content, emails and data they generate by allowing them to quickly search and retrieve content, resulting in increased productivity, more effective re-use of corporate knowledge assets, unification of information residing in disparate content silos throughout the organization, and improved knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Unlike other enterprise search products, FUSION Search focuses on finding information where the bulk of it resides — on your desktop, on corporate shared drives, and on other knowledge worker and peer PCs. It also indexes and searches your email and attachments, Google, the Scientific Software Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) repository, and other 3rd party databases, applications and content repositories.

Key Product Features

— Lightening fast searches across multiple content sources via a single query

— Search your PC, email & attachments, NT shared drives, peer PCs, Google, the Scientific Software ECM repository, and 3rd party applications

— Full text, keyword & value searches

— Quick (Google style), Smart, & Advanced search

— Seamless integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer

— Optimal performance through an open, grid computing architecture (.NET, XML, web services)

— Extensive library of attribute extractors for various file types, including office documents, PDF, MP3, HTML, TIFF, bmp, gif, PCX, DICOM, and analytical instrument file types (including HPLC/GC and mass spec)

— Easily expandable to search 3rd party applications & content sources

— Platforms supported include Windows 2000, XP & XP SP2

Quick, Smart, and Advanced Search Options

FUSION Search can perform full-text, keyword and value searches, and incorporates multiple user interface options for building queries:

— Quick Search — one-box (Google style) search

— Smart Search — this option allows users to search key-value pairs

— Advanced Search — this keyword search allows users to build complex queries

Distributed Searching for Optimal Performance

FUSION Search leverages a unique, standards-based, grid computing architecture for optimal performance. Instead of maintaining and updating a master index, FUSION Search incorporates a central web service that receives and processes requests from remote computers. Each remote computer has its own FUSION Search database index which reports these results sets to the central web service via XML over HTTP/SOAP messaging. This architecture provides optimal performance, and immediate search results. These search results can be copied and pasted onto your desktop, and files from federated searches can be viewed and quickly retrieved.

Incremental and On-demand Indexing

The first time FUSION Search is installed, all of the files and folders (including Outlook folders) specified during the setup are indexed via an indexing service that runs on the desktop. Files that are added or updated after the initial installation are then incrementally indexed. Optionally, users can index folders on-demand via a simple, right-click command.

“We’re very optimistic about the market opportunity for this new product, as many of our customers have already been using this technology to find critical electronic records within the Scientific Software Enterprise Content Manager repository, to increase productivity and promote better content collaboration and re-use,” said Dr. Soheil Saadat, president and CEO of Scientific Software, Inc. “FUSION Search expands the Enterprise Content Manager search capabilities by providing integration and immediate access to content across multiple sources — your desktop, email and attachments, corporate shared drives, peer PCs, Google (the web), the Scientific Software ECM repository, and 3rd party applications, databases and content management systems.”

Scientific Software is showcasing live demonstrations of FUSION Search this week at the ARMA 2004 Expo in Long Beach, CA, October 3-5 (Booth #848). The product is targeted for release in 4Q 2004.

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