June 27, 2017

Amazon Dumps Google For Microsoft

Windows Live Search now delivers the web search results for a pair of Amazon’s services, the A9 search engine and the Alexa web traffic research site.

Amazon Dumps Google For Microsoft
Amazon Takes Google To The Dumps

Bye Google. Hi Microsoft. It’s nearly summer, and as boyfriends and girlfriends starting scoping out new partners for summertime fun, Google seems to be the one staying home to wash its hair and post gloomy emo poems on its blog.

Amazon now has a new partner in web search. Results for web search queries made at A9 or Alexa now return a “Powered by Windows Live” logo instead of the familiar G.

More importantly, should visitors to Amazon.com decide they need a quick web search fix through the A9 search box, those results come from Windows Live. The Google Operating System blog pointed out the change made, without fanfare, by Amazon.

In the grand scheme of web search, this is a minor move, maybe a pawn taking a pawn off the board. But stronger pieces loom as the battle for the center of the board continues.

Or maybe we should say “adCenter” instead. Commenters on the topic on a Threadwatch discussion about the change wonder where the contextual ads will come from next.

While they mention MSN adCenter, or even Kanoodle as a stop-gap until adCenter launches, it should be repeated here that Amazon has been testing its contextual ads in a quiet beta for a few months.

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