May 23, 2017

AdWords API Version 13 Is Here!

The latest AdWords API version 13(v13) is here. The new release is geared up with various options like advanced geotargeting options, Generate Search…

Query Performance, Retrieve budget suggestions, create graphical ads by using enhanced features and that too with brilliance, Quality Score support, and more.

  • New geotargeting options: Target multiple geographic levels (countries, regions, metro areas, and cities) within a single campaign, target specific regions of multiple countries in a single campaign, and setup negative targeting for specific regions (for example, target the United States with the exception of Alaska)
  • New reports: Generate Search Query Performance and Geographic Performance reports using ReportService and DefinedReportJob
  • Mobile image ads: Use the new MobileImageAd ad type to create graphical advertisements for the mobile content network.
  • Suggested campaign budgets: Retrieve budget suggestions for your campaigns with getRecommendedBudgetList.
  • Active campaigns and ad groups: Want to retrieve only your active campaigns and ad groups? Now you can, using getActiveAdWordsCampaigns and getActiveAdGroups.
  • Quality-based bid and Quality Score support: We’ve added two new Keyword fields
  • firstPageCpc {first page bid estimate}
  • qualityScore (Quality Score of the keyword)

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