• Initial Mobile Apps Updated With Google’s App Indexing
    [April 7, 2014] Last fall, Google began testing app indexing, and released guidelines for webmasters to have Google index deep links within their app. This is so users searching Google from smartphones can get to in-app content (if they have the app installed) just as they would website content. Google announced on Thursday that it has enabled over […]
  • Google Search Results On Desktop Redesigned
    [March 17, 2014] Google has been “experimenting” with a new design for its search results pages, which gets rid of the underline on links, increases the font size, and gets rid of the colored boxes around ads in favor of a more organic look (don’t worry, they’re still labeled).
  • Google to Launch New Search Results Page Layout Soon!
    [March 10, 2014] Google is exploring new ideas to make the search page layout look more simple and easily accessible to its users. As a part of the trial method, this time the search engine is introducing a myriad of changes to the search results page. No doubt, the modifications will make Google look neat and clutter-free.
  • Will Google’s Scraper Report Fix Its Problem?
    [March 3, 2014] Google has a form called the Scraper Report for people to report when they see a scraper site ranking ahead of the original content that it’s scraping.
  • Timelines Added To Bing Search Results
    [February 24, 2014] Timelines are like the cliff notes of history. They give us a succinct look into the events that shaped the lives of the people around us. Now they’re coming to Bing.
  • Expedia’s Google Penalty Called ‘Speculative’
    [February 10, 2014] It appeared last month that Expedia had been penalized by Google for its linking practices. Searchmetrics data showed a 25% drop in Google search visibility.
  • Give a Fresh Look to your Old Website to Keep it Ranking High: Matt Cutts!
    [February 3, 2014] The new website creators are always talking about beating the old, already established websites. But, Matt Cutts in the latest video is giving advice on how to protect a 14 years old site.
  • Smartphone Content Crawling Capabilities Continue To Improve For Google
    [January 27, 2014] Throughout 2013 and into 2014, Google has been making various improvements to the way it handles website content on mobile devices. That continues this week with the announcement of a new user-agent for crawling smartphone content.
  • Google Releases an Improved Top Search Queries Data: The First Webmaster Tools Update in 2014!
    [January 13, 2014] Google Webmaster Tools has received the first update of the year 2014. Cyrus Shepard (via Thomas Høgenhaven) has posted news about an exciting update that will let you see the top keywords, which fetched impressions and clicks to the top pages.
  • Infographic of the Week – Topping the Local Search Charts with Proven Digital Marketing Tactics!
    [January 6, 2014] Local is the new digital marketing trend but most of the local businesses don't have time for it. Google uses several factors to determine ranking in local scenario and today's infographic revolves around the most time & cost effective ways of improving rank for local search keywords.
  • Google Launches Tool for Easy Removal of URL on Third-Party Sites!
    [December 30, 2013] Google has launched improved URL removal tool to help users update the search results quickly. As we know that the content on the Internet gets modified or removed, the tool will make it easier for site owners to request updates on the basis of the changes of the third-party web content.
  • Infographic of the Week – The Complete List of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors is Out!
    [December 16, 2013] Understanding the ranking factors of Google has always been a complex thing for webmasters. While Google has confirmed that there are approximately 200 ranking signals, it has not listed all of them.
  • Google Brings the Power of Search Across Apps!
    [December 9, 2013] Sometimes, a simple task like choosing a movie can get complex. You will have to fetch information from several places, which are often applications. You might decide to rely on IMDb, box office stats from Wikipedia, and ratings from other movie review sites.
  • Get used to “Ok Google”
    [December 2, 2013] Earlier this year, Google announced a new feature for search – conduct a search with your voice in the Chrome browser.
  • Oh, you’re in local SEO? Do you need citations? We have’em.
    [November 18, 2013] Anyone that’s ever done work in local SEO knows one thing, consistent citations are really important. But where do you get them from? There are aggregators such as Superpages, YP.com, Acxiom and others that distribute information to several other sites. And yes, there is the ever popular White Spark Citation finder (which I will always […]
  • Google Image Mismatch Penalty: What is It?
    [November 11, 2013] There is a new manual Google penalty called the Image Mismatch penalty. What exactly is the Google Image Mismatch penalty, and how can you prevent from getting penalized by Google for issues related to your images? Barry Schwartz first reported about this new penalty.
  • How to Stop Google from Encrypting Your Searches
    [November 4, 2013] I recently spoke at the Pubcon Conference in Las Vegas, and one of the big issues that came up was the fact that Google is no longer providing keyword search data to website owners. They’re now encrypting searches, forcing all users of Google search to use https as a default. The search engine marketing community […]
  • Google Disavow. Why I actually like it.
    [October 28, 2013] Google’s Disavow Tool is more than just a quick fix for a high-strung website owner. Used properly, it can help a website regain Google’s favour or possibly even avoid falling victim to Google’s link jailor Penguin mascot.
  • Leverage Google Authorship or Kiss Your Rankings Goodbye
    [October 21, 2013] This provocative title describes my recent presentation at Victoria BC’s Blogger Bootcamp where I talked up a blue streak about the importance of Google Authorship for bloggers. I know, it is a title that deserves healthy skepticism and that was the point – bloggers especially need to understand Authorship is NOT to be taken lightly. […]
  • Four SEO Best Practices for Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    [October 14, 2013] Using a content delivery network (CDN) can provide a better user experience with faster page and resource loading and less downtime. It can also save online businesses a lot of money and minimize damage from DoS attacks.
  • Moz Releases 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors!
    [October 7, 2013] Moz has released 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors, a survey supplemented with real-world correlation data from scientific examination of more than 17,000 keywords search results. The data has been examined by Dr. Matt Peters and his data science team. Moz surveys more than 100 top industry professionals every two years to compile its biennial Search […]
  • Google Adds Comparisons and Filters to Knowledge Graph!
    [September 30, 2013] Google's Knowledge Graph gets smarter with the addition of filters and a new way of comparing two Knowledge Graph items, side-by-side. The updates were a part of Google's 15th Birthday Celebration announcements.
  • 2013 SEO Ranking Factors — Rank Correlation Google USA
    [September 16, 2013] Every savvy Internet marketer worth their salt wants to know – what do web pages that are well positioned in Google have in common and what distinguishes them from lower ranking pages? To answer this question, SearchMetrics examined 300,000 URLs appearing in the top search result positions for the presence and extent of certain properties. […]
  • SEO Tool Review: LXR Marketplace
    [September 10, 2013] LXR Marketplace is a website that gives you several website research tools to choose from in order to do SEO, and PPC research on a particular website address. There are also various keyword research tools as well. The various website research tools are easy to use and intuitively put together, and the information obtained can […]
  • Is Page Speed More Important For Mobile Or Desktop?
    [August 26, 2013] In Google’s latest Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts discusses page speed and whether or not it’s a more important factor for mobile than for desktop.